Stylecraft Bellissima DK Knitting Pattern 9588

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Bellissima DK Pattern 9588 Scarf and Shawls


You will need: 1 pair 5 mm (UK 6 - USA 8) knitting needles for scarf and both shawls. 1 pair 4 mm (UK 8 - USA 6) knitting needles for scarf and lace shawl. One 5 mm (UK 6 – USA 8) 80 cm circular needle, locking stitch marker for eyelet triangular shawl.

Pattern Errata: Eyelet Triangular striped shawl Length of shawl measured along vertical eyelets EYELET TRIANGULAR SHAWL 23rd to 26th row. As 11th to 14th row. 79 sts. Break off C, join in M. Using M, work from 17th to 26th row once, then from 15th to 20th row once. **. 125 sts. From ** to ** forms patt. Please note: When sts become too numerous change to 5 mm circular needle. Work 112 rows more in patt. 447 sts. Break off C, join in M. Next row. Knit to centre st, yfwd, k1, yfwd, knit to end. 449 sts. Rep last row 6 times more. 461 sts. Cast off knitways (on ws).


Diagonal Scarf
Size (in) One Size
Bashful Blue 3930 2
Double Denim 3931 2


Lace Shawl
Size (in) One Size
Silver Lining 3928 2
Smoked Pearl 3929 2