Stylecraft Knitted Toy Pattern 9668

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Jessie the Doll Pattern 9668.


You will need: A pair of 3.5mm (UK11 - USA 2-3) knitting needles, a pair of 4mm (UK 8 - USA 6) knitting needles, stitch markers, stitch holder, blunt tapestry needle, polyester toy stuffing, small amount of black embroidery thread for the Dress, 1 button for the Crop Top.


Addition to abbreviations Kfb knit into front and back of next st.


Special DK White 1001 x 1 ball
Special DK Soft Peach 1240 x 1 ball
Bellissima Toasted Almond 3922 x 1 ball
Bellissima Single Cream 3921 x 1 ball


Clothes (all clothes are made using less than 50g)
Bellissima Bashful Blue 3930 and Single Cream 3921 x 1 ball Mellow Yellow 3925 x 1 ball Double Denim 3931 x 1 ball Raspberry Riot 3924 x 1 ball
Batik DK Rose 1916 x 1 ball