Janie Crow - The Blue House Crochet Blanket Pattern Booklet

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In Janie's own words

The name of a repeated tessellating design, like the one I have used in this design, is called an 'Ogee' pattern in Arabesque design. It took me a few weeks to get the design of these blocks right; initially I came up with lots of really complicated ways to create this motif, but in the end it was so simple - funny how sometimes a design process can take so long and then the outcome can be so easy to make!

The pattern for the lantern shape motif is based on a granny hexagon pattern, but I have made a few changes to come up with the curved design the tessellates.
The pattern assumes you have purchased the kit. If you are using your own shades then ignore the references to yarns within the kit. If you wish to use an alternative yarn for this project it is up to you to make sure you choose the correct yarn weight and length and that your chosen yarn achieves the correct tension.

3.5mm (US E4), 4mm (US G/6) crochet hooks
Stitch markers
Knitters sewing needle

Blocked Measurement: Approximately 100cm (39¼in) wide x 180cm (70 7/8 in) long.