ikatee Sewing Pattern: Seattle Kids Leggings 3Y/12Y

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Sewing patterns in paper version. Kids 3-12 years old

Two sewing patterns for kids from 3 to 12 years old 
2 shapes: leggings for very stretchy materials (such as jersey or stretch rib) or jeggings for medium stretchy materials (such as fleece or French terry with elastane)
3 lengths: long, 3/4 or short. No side seams
Ankle bands or hems depending on length
Waistband with inserted elastic or fancy elastic as a waistband
2 patterns for comfortable outfits, essential for the home-wear or sports wardrobe.

The leggings have finished measurements that are narrower than your body measurements in order to be form-fitting. The pattern is worked in negative ease; the fabric will relax well and fit the body.

The jeggings has measurements very close to the body. The medium-stretch fabric used to make them will stretch slightly. The jeggings will therefore be slightly tight and comfortable. The shape is somewhere between leggings and jogging trousers.

Skill level: easy and quick

The leggings/jeggings is quick and easy to sew as it has only a few pieces. It is therefore a suitable project for a beginner.

What you will learn with these patterns: how to assemble an elastic as waistband or a band with inserted elastic, how to make ankle bands or double needle hems.

Kids size range: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 years old

Fabrics :

  • Leggings: very stretchy fabric. Jersey, rib, openwork, with elastane
  • Jeggings: medium stretch fabric. Fleece or French terry with elastane
  • Caution: 100% cotton fabrics (without elastane), even stretchy, can poke at the knees when worn and will be uncomfortable
  • Ribbing is recommended for the ankle band of long jeggings. Otherwise, make ankle bands in the main fabric.

    Supplies to provide : see tab at the bottom of the page


    Paper version :

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    Find our worksheets; the worksheets allow you to note all the tips you want on each of your creations. It will also allow you to note adjustments that may be necessary depending on your morphology. Each sheet can be downloaded and printed at home. Seattle worksheet / Seattle kids worksheet



    Supplies for Seattle kids:

    main fabric in 140-145cm (55-57'') width (knitted fabrics are usually between 140 and 150cm = 55-59'' width)

    2.5 or 3cm  (around 1'') wide elastic to insert into the waistband or 3 to 4 cm wide fancy elastic to sew as a waistband.