ikatee Sewing Pattern: Malmo Bodysuit 1M/4Y

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Unisex baby Paper Sewing Pattern & Guidebook

Unisex bodysuit pattern for baby.
Bodysuit with lapped shoulders or shoulder placket opening.
Long or short sleeves.
Optional pocket.
Several types of collar: crew neck, turtleneck, ruffle collar or stand-up ruffle.
Two possible finishes: elastic bias binding or ribbing.

The basic bodysuit to decline with the seasons

The bodysuit could also be used as a swimsuit (in particular the long-sleeved, turtleneck version as a sun protective swimsuit). In this case use a specific swimsuit fabric for all parts and keep the crotch opening with the snaps or close this opening by sewing the front and back to the crotch together.

Sewing level: intermediate 

What you will practice with this sewing pattern: how to finish with ribbing or with an elastic bias binding, how to sew lapped shoulders or a shoulder placket.

Age range: 1, 3, 6, 12, 18, 24 months, 3, 4 years

Material suggestions:

  • compulsory stretch fabric: jersey, interlock, rib, openwork knit
  • ribbing optional (if ribbing finishes)

Paper pattern: 

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Guidebook precision :

For the stand-up ruffle option of the Malmö bodysuit, the text in step 25 could be confusing. Here is the reworded text so that there is no possible doubt (knowing that the diagram is good): "Pin R/R the stand-up ruffle on the neckline by matching the marks. The stand-up ruffle must end at the fold mark on the front placket and at the shoulder mark on the back placket. Pull on the gathering threads until the stand-up ruffle is the same length as the neckline."

Swimsuit bonus:

A bonus in free access to transform your body into a swimsuit or a sun protective t-shirt.