Knitted Menagerie by Sarah Keen

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Knitted Menagerie provides 30 easy-to-follow knitting patterns for an eclectic array of international animals.

Knitted Menagerie provides 30 easy-to-follow knitting patterns for an eclectic array of international animals.

Within the pages of this bright and appealing book you’ll find 30 adorable animals to knit, ranging from sealife to birds, insects to mammals. You’ll find everyone’s favourites, including a lion, an elephant, blue whale, meerkats and a llama, and discover more unusual species to knit, such as a red-kneed tarantula, a seahorse and tropical tree frogs.

The patterns vary in complexity, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Complete beginners or knitters needing a refresher course can be reassured by the comprehensive illustrated techniques section provided.
Packed with fun and enticing photography that shows each of the projects from different angles, this book is sure to delight the knitter and the lucky receiver of these gorgeous, knitted creatures.

Projects include: orangutan, dragonfly, octopus, fox, guinea pig, otter, puffin and puffling, owl and owlets, swan and cygnets, walrus, duck-billed platypus, beaver.

  • 30 brand new animal patterns from best-selling knitting author Sarah Keen
  • Suitable for beginners through to experienced knitters
  • Projects are safe, durable and made from readily available DK yarn
Contributor Bio(s)

Sarah Keen is a freelance pattern designer and finds calculating rows and stitches challenging but fascinating. She is experienced in designing knitted toys for children, and also enjoys writing patterns for charity. She lives in Aberystwyth, Wales.


Prolific knitting author Sarah Keen returns with a new collection of knitted creatures, this time drawing from across the animal kingdom. Her latest book contains 30 patterns including individual animals and family groups, all made using DK yarn and suitable for a range of skill levels. Sarah makes clever use of colours, textures and shaping techniques to create realistic details and add personality to her animal characters. 

-Knitting magazine

Bring your favourite furry friends to life with this lively new title from Sarah Keen. Knitted Menagerie  contains 30 knitting patterns for critters from all walks of life, including colourful sea creatures, woodland wonders, jungle dwellers and more. 

-Let's Get Crafting: Knitting & Crochet
Table of Contents

1 Lion
2 Orangutan
3 Elephant
4 Kangaroo and joey
5 Llama
6 Otter
7 Squirrel
8 Swan and cygnets
9 Guinea pig
10 Beaver
11 Seahorse
12 Walrus
13 Lobster
14 Duck-billed platypus
15 Puffin with puffling
16 Blue whale
17 Red-kneed tarantula
18 Blue jay
19 Bumble bee
20 Hedgehog with hoglets
21 Fox
22 Octopus
23 Owl with owlets
24 Tropical tree frogs
25 Love birds
26 Dragonfly
27 Lizard
28 Grasshopper
29 Meerkats with pups
30 Angel fish